How the Real Canadian Superstore Made Me Look Like A Rockstar

When prepping for any type of party, it’s so important to take the time to create an experience for your guests.

I had no idea that my local “grocery store” would provide everything I needed to host an amazing holiday party for close friends and family. From the ready to go appetizers, to the freshest produce, to the huge selection of decor, Real Canadian Superstore made shopping very easy with everything in one place!

Here’s my recap from start to finish, beginning with the invitation – Enjoy the journey!

Note the fine print, hahaha I don’t mess around!

We had everything we needed on our list to create the party but we truly had no idea how wonderful everything would turn out when it was time to put it all together!

The first thing everyone saw when they entered our home was our awesome fireplace and this gorgeous mantle in our gold and silver theme.

Everything except the wreath (handmade by my Aunty) was from Real Canadian Superstore, including the lit up letters. Aren’t they awesome?

We welcomed each of our guests into our home with a mimosa (thanks to a value package of plastic champagne flutes)!

The tables were set perfectly, I made sure to get pics before the sun went down. We loved the stemless wine glasses!

There’s a huge selection of decor to choose from in-store. Yes folks, every single one of the items on the table and side table in the back-ground were from the Real Canadian Superstore! The cutlery, placemats, stemless wine glasses, tumblers, dinnerware, napkins, table runner, bauble centerpiece and even the Christmas crackers!

We love to cook so we went for easy appetizers and that way our time in the kitchen was put to best use. Here’s the menu!

We were cooking down to the last minute before our guests arrived, the best thing about creating a charcuterie board is that it can be prepped in the afternoon so at least that was one less thing to worry about! I literally had to run upstairs to get changed, but folks were quick to get into the appetizers as you can see…

We had a little bit of local (Bothwell) cheese of course, and let me tell you folks, the hit of the night was the surprise deliciousness from the White Stilton Mango/Ginger cheese. It was demolished early into the evening and since then has made an appearance on my regular grocery list.

Loved, loved, LOVED the charcuterie meats, mini pickles and PC brand fine crackers. There was such a huge selection of meat and cheese in-store, we kept it simple and grabbed the PC Antipasto Misto selection (three cured meats in one) and our favourite cheeses.

For a hot appetizer, we chose from the wide selection of frozen hors d’oeuvres. I honestly could not replace the PC Coconut Shrimp and PC Thai Basil Shrimp Spring Roll (pictured above) fast enough!

Delicious PC Spanakopita and PC Veggie Spring Rolls have also been an addition to the grocery list! They’re so easy to cook and serve – perfect for entertaining.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to make a roast chicken in my life! It’s not something I make often but with new bakeware, fresh organic produce and Free From chicken, it truly made our dinner stand out!

I love that everyone was excited to open their Christmas crackers and wear their paper crowns! They were adult themed so the trinkets inside were useful such as key chains, a compass etc.

Overall what an amazing evening with the best of friends.

Here’s a few (of the many) products that made the night a success:

They were all so delicious and made entertaining a breeze – that’s value for money!

Everyone commented on the great food and were surprised that I was able to get absolutely everything from Real Canadian Superstore, it really is a one stop shop!

Last but not least, everyone received a gift bag as they left which included an ornament for their tree, Christmas card, a few candy canes and a yummy box of chocolates! We truly thought of everything.

Now we get to look forward to doing it all over again with our parents and kids for annual Christmas traditions – Polish dinner on Christmas Eve and a Christmas Day Jamaican breakfast!

Did you have any idea you could create an amazing holiday party with all of these items from Real Canadian Superstore? 

What surprised you the most? 


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