July 23, 2018


Sprinkle The Joy and Nominate a Local Role Model #WindsorJoySquad

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Is there someone that you follow/know who brings joy to you on a daily basis? Do you know of an individual you would consider a local cultural and community leader? When you think of their positive impact on their local community, do you get all warm & fuzzy inside?
Sprinkle the Joy is a fabulous campaign recently launched by Windsor Salt (celebrating 125 years in Canada)! As part of their anniversary celebrations, they would like to recognize the people who add flavour to their local communities in a variety of ways. If you definitely know of people like that, they are perfect for the Joy Squad!


They are people who get involved in their community and volunteer or people make a difference (no matter how big or small) or people who are a positive light, people who embody a sense of joy and hope. There are so many people in Winnipeg and Manitoba who fit this description, in fact, I have so many folks I’m thinking of right now who would be perfect! Let’s show Canada who they are!


Nominate a local hero or role model who personifies what it means to “sprinkle joy” in the community. CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE: bit.ly/SprinkleTheJoy


  • 10 Canadians will be chosen to be a part of the Joy Squad
  • Windsor Salt will donate $1,250 in their name to a charity of the choice
  • The selected Joy Squad along with their guest will attend an exclusive culinary experience at Casa Loma in Toronto, ON (travel expenses paid)!
SOOOO what are you waiting for, go ahead and nominate, nominate, NOMINATE!
Nominations close on Wednesday July 25, 2018 at 11:59:59pm EST. Winners will be chosen on Monday July 30, 2018.

125 Days of Joy

To put a delicious accent on its anniversary, Windsor Salt will bring unexpected moments of joy to select towns and neighborhoods across Canada for 125 days through a series of surprise and delight experiences. These random acts of kindness will be carried out by Windsor Salt employees, brand ambassadors and members of the Joy Squad

125 Years of Windsor Salt

From its humble beginnings in 1893, Windsor Salt grew to become Canada’s largest salt producer. Started by three railway employees who believed Canada needed a salt manufacturer, the Windsor Salt Company was born and eventually brought the country a full range of salt products to improve everyday life. Today, Windsor Salt is still leading the way in the salt industry. Over the last two decades, Windsor Salt has introduced 15 new products including Kosher Salt, Sea Salt, Half Salt and Coarse Salt. Windsor Salt was first to innovate, market and grow in the water-softening category; its culinary salt offerings have expanded far beyond table salt to include a wide range of seasoning and specialty salts; it offers a full line of high-performing de-icing salts; and in 2016, Windsor Salt launched a comprehensive brand refresh, which included an updated logo and product packaging.

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