November 16, 2018


#EndBullying One Youth at a Time – WE Day Manitoba 2018 Recap

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I'm Natalie!

Every time WE Day rolls around, I get a little emotional.


Well, I always take my daughter, every single year, and next year she will be gone away to university, therefore 2018 is her last time attending with me. My son is still too young so any future attendance will have to be as accredited media, rather than AWESOME MOM haha.

A little photobooth fun!

This year WE Day in Manitoba also happened to occur on the same day as my 43rd birthday! How wonderful is that? Which means not only was I able to spend my special day with my daughter, but also with over 15,000 amazing youth from our community who are making a difference in this world. Can we say best birthday gift ever? Even TELUS gave me a birthday shoutout!

TELUS has been helping to inspire young leaders and drive positive social change as co-title partner of WE Day for seven consecutive years. The #EndBullying campaign is so powerful. TELUS is committed to encouraging our youth to rise above and take a strong stance against cyberbullying in a variety of ways.

Have you taken the TELUS Wise Digital Pledge?

For every TELUS Wise Digital Pledge taken, TELUS will donate $1 to support #EndBullying programs across Canada.

I know exactly what it feels like to be bullied…

…and I am so grateful that there are many tools and resources are available to help #EndBullying.

Cyberbullying Intervention Tips: YOUTH

  • If you see someone being bullied, comfort them privately and offer to help.
  • Tell an adult, parent, or friend who can help you handle the situation.
  • Save the evidence so you can show a trusted adult or report it.

Cyberbullying Intervention Tips: ADULTS

  • Learn online slang and acronyms to understand what your kids are really saying on social media or in text conversations.
  • Recognize the personal nature of the online world.
  • Have open conversations and make it known that you’re there for support.
  • Remember that the law applies. Stay accountable and keep accounts.

There were so many inspiring local and international speakers. I love that I was able to hear touching stories from all walks of life, including WE founder Craig Kielburger. 

I am so grateful to TELUS for the work that they are doing in our communities and the opportunity experience WE Day each year.

Disclosure: I attended WE Day Manitoba on behalf of national co-title partner, TELUS.

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  1. Amanda Fontaine says:

    I tried for years to get my daughter to WE Day and her class has never gone and she was never allowed to go without her class. 🙁 your daughter is lucky she gets to go with you!

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