July 12, 2019


#FierceFlashback – Jazz Winnipeg

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I'm Natalie!

Honoured to have been the emcee for the final concert of the Jazz Winnipeg International festival featuring Leaf Rapids Music and Bobby McFerrin in June. What an experience!⁣

I remember the excitement of knowing I would be on stage, one of my favourite places to be, bringing my unique energy to their introductions. At one point as I was getting ready, I asked myself, wow, how did you get to this point Natalie?⁣

And like a broken record, I answered: it is because I’m being true to who I am every single day. I see that, and so do others (thx for the referral Alexa 😘). I can’t share the importance of this enough.⁣

In this day and digital age it’s so easy to get sucked in and want to be like others based on what you think is success, copying what others are doing because you think it should work for you too. For the most part, it won’t.⁣


Because we are individual, there is only one you, and there is something very special about you. You know that right?!? If not, well now ya know! 😊⁣

Sure, you can admire what others are doing but take it and put your own special spin on it, get creative, show your inner shine! ⁣

Don’t let social media dictate what you THINK, do what you KNOW and what/who do you know better than yourself?! Am I right?⁣


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