March 4, 2020


Versatility in Action

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I'm Natalie!


Folks consistently tell me how fabulously versatile my hair is, and it’s true. A fauxhawk one day and a sleek low bun the next. I love the many ways I can change my hair and it adapts effortlessly.

How about translating that adaptability to everyday life though?

Am I able to adapt to changing tasks in my day to day work?
Am I able to adapt to parenting 3 distinctly different personalities?
Am I able to embrace the many changes that come my way?
Am I stepping outside of my comfort zones once in a while?
Am I committed to continuously learning new skills?
Am I able to implement feedback I have been given in a positive way?
Am I willing to accept that there are things I need to defer to others?
Am I able to adapt to social media algorithms (lol trick question)?

The answer is yes.

Versatility in all areas of life is important, it can help us to see what works and what doesn’t in more ways than one. It’s a great way to discover new things about yourself, to find out what you’re great at and what you’re not so great at. We can’t try to be great at everything, because guess what, we’ll ultimately end up being mediocre. Exercising versatility allows us to stretch and challenge ourselves every single day.

What does versatility look like for you?

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