January 26, 2024


Cherishing My Family Traditions

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Write about a few of your favorite family traditions.
Bloganuary Day 26

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is close to my heart. It’s all about my favourite family traditions, and I’ve got a couple that truly define the joy of family for me.

Summers at Clear Lake:

Since I was 10, Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park has been our family’s summer vacation spot. It’s a tradition soaked in nostalgia and love, and I’m excited to share this experience with my grandsons hopefully this summer. It’s such a special place of joy, nature, and togetherness.

Jamaican Christmas at My House:

Christmas is all about family and food. We kick off the day with a Jamaican breakfast feast at my place, with Ackee & Saltfish, fried plantains, dumplin, and chocolate tea. It brings everyone together in the kitchen. The laughter, the chatter, the smells of delicious food , the music – it’s magical. Later that day, we gather at my aunty’s for more feasting and our Secret Santa fun. It’s pure family fun!

These aren’t just annual events; they’re precious moments that connect our family across generations. They’re our way of honoring our roots and creating memories that we’ll all remember for a long time..

What about your family? What traditions hold a special place in your heart?

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