August 11, 2017


Back to School and Back To Routine with Jamieson Essentials

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I'm Natalie!

Have you been enjoying summer as much as I have?

The sights and sounds of summer: birds and crickets chirping, bunnies grazing in the backyard, and then there is always that one dreaded mosquito buzzing in your ear at night, am I right?

Summertime is wonderful for leisurely gatherings with family and friends. Routines loosen up and we all become a little more relaxed. Whether it’s an extra glass of wine, or that extra helping of food at the last BBQ, summer is the time for enjoying the weather and indulging.

For most of us, many of our regular daily habits seem to go by the wayside. Sometimes the healthy habits suffer like taking our daily vitamins.


Summer ends just as fast as it begins, doesn’t it? As we all prepare for the back-to-school season to begin it’s time to revisit those routines and daily habits that some of us “let go” for the past couple months.

I must admit, I even took my vitamins with me on vacation, not just when I got married earlier this year but in early July when we took a summer vacation as a family.

I know it can be difficult to decipher which vitamins you need but just take a look at the most common nutrients you might be missing. Wanna live healthier? Make sure you take a great foundation of vitamins each day:

1) You can’t go wrong with a Multivitamin!

2) Probiotics are great for day to day digestion.

3) Vitamin D is a must if you are one to shy away from the sun, plus it is so helpful with the prevention of diseases.

4) Omega-3 helps keep your heart, the most important organ in your body, healthy!


Ensuring that these Jamieson Essentials are part of your daily routine will help you get back on track with your health after summer.

Which vitamin do you believe you need to focus on the most now that summer is almost over?

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