May 25, 2021


The Spring That Was…2020

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I'm Natalie!

It’s been a year.

A year since many people across the world watched live video of a black man being murdered by a police officer.

George Floyd didn’t want to be “the one” to spark outrage and the need for change, he wanted to live.

How far have we come since that day? An increase of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committees, positions, policies and courses in multiple companies, an increase in diverse branding, marketing and advertising, racial/social justice work happening across numerous organizations, and formal anti-racism campaigns implemented across the country.

The necessary work is ongoing, it doesn’t stop, it can’t stop.

What’s next? Necessary societal and systemic change…and whether you want to believe it or not, each one of us play a part.

After reflecting on the past year, share your thoughts on the progress you’ve seen, or made. Let’s dialogue.

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