January 15, 2024


Warrior Wolf Woman

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I'm Natalie!
What is your favorite animal?
Bloganuary Day 15

We’ve rolled into Day 15 of Bloganuary, and today’s question has got me thinking about my favorite animal. For me, it’s the wolf. There’s something about wolves that’s always been intriguing Let me share why.

Wolves are not just animals; they’re symbols of strength, intelligence, and community. An Indigenous elder recently named me ‘Warrior Wolf Woman, she saw that in me.

Wolves are all about family, loyalty, and working together. Yet, each wolf is also fiercely independent. It’s this blend of unity and individuality that I try to embody in my own life, whether I’m tackling personal challenges or creating content that speaks to my soul.

Wolves remind me to trust my instincts and to be bold in my choices.

How about you? Is there an animal that you feel a special connection with? I’m excited to hear about the animals that inspire you – drop a comment and let’s chat!

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